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Registrul Auto Român (R.A.R. – Romanian Automotive Register) is the technical specialized body designated by the Ministry of Transports, Infrastructure and Communications as competent authority in the field of road vehicles, road safety, environment protection and quality assurance.

According to the legislation into force, the Romanian Automotive Register has the following main attributions:
– to grant the national type approvals for the road vehicles, and their systems, parts and separate technical entities;
– to grant the certificates of conformity for the systems, parts and separate technical entities of the road vehicles;
– to grant the individual approvals for the road vehicles;
– to perform the periodical technical inspection for certain categories of motor vehicles;
– to license the technical inspection stations and to check the periodical technical inspection activity;
– to transpose the community acquis concerning the road vehicles (chap. 1 – Free movement of goods) and the periodical technical inspections (chap. 9 – Transport policies);
– to license the workshops performing the works of mounting, adjustment and checking the vehicles and their components;
– to certify the quality management system;
– to participate in the works of the World Forum for the Vehicle Regulation Harmonization (WP 29) of the Economic Commission for Europe of the UN.

Registrul Auto Român (Romanian Automotive Register) is notified by the Romanian Government with the General Secretariat of the UN as Technical Service for all the Regulations of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations Organization, to which Romania acceded.

RAR Magazines

Auto Test Magazine, a monthly specialized publication edited by the Romanian Auto Register, is in its twenty-sixth year of publication.

The Automotive Engineering Magazine continues the publishing activity of SIAR carried out from 1990 to 2000 through the Engineers of Automobiles Magazine (RIA).

Revista AutoTest Ingineria Automobilului

Auto Test Magazin
Auto Test Magazin
Membru al Comitetului Internaţional pentru Inspecţii Tehnice Periodice - CITA
Membru asociat al Uniunii Internaţionale a Transporturilor Rutiere
Membru al Asociaţiei Române pentru Calitate (ARC), afiliat la European Organisation for Quality (EOQ)
RAR este desemnat de Legea 78/2021 pentru Certificare de Produse şi Servicii
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