The road vehicle authenticity certification

The road vehicle authenticity certification is performed by RAR:
1. For the used vehicles which have not been previously registered in Romania and which are subject to approval;
2. For the vehicles which were lastly registered in a Member State of the European Union and which are imported or introduced in Romania;
3. For the vehicles which are or have been previously registered in Romania, the owner of which changes.
The authenticity certification is not performed for the new vehicles, as well as for the motor vehicles designed for the sporting competitions and the history vehicles.

Within the authenticity certification, it will be checked whether:
1. The main identification elements of the vehicle are original and/or were not subject to unauthorized changes;
2. The standard form of the document confirming the previous registration of the vehicle, issued by the competent authorities in the country of origin, is authentic.
3. The vehicle does not appear on the wanted list at national or international level, according to the databases to which RAR has access based on the protocols concluded with the authorities managing these databases.

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