The research directions:

1. Emission measurements in order to estimate the emission factors for the different categories of motor vehicles, components of the car fleet existing in Romania;
2. The inventorying of the polluted emissions generated by the road traffic;
3. The continuous monitoring (normally, 24h) of the air quality in the vicinity of the traffic arteries, by using a car laboratory equipped with CO-HORIBA monitor;
4. Measurements of traffic, debit (vehicles/hour), composition, speed (km/h), density (vehicles/km), highlighting the average daytime profiles of the road traffic;
5. Analyses of the car fleet structure, as well as of the global technical status at the car fleet level;
6. Preparation of impact studies and environment balances in fields related to the road traffic: infrastructure constructions, fuel stations, services, technical inspection stations, etc.

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Research Department
Bucharest – 010719, district 1,
Calea Griviţei no. 391 A
GPS coordinates:
44.468488, 26.051998
Contact Person:
Eng. Şerban URJAN
Head of the Research Department

RAR Voluntari: +4021 350.82.92

Eng. Octavian DATCULESCU
Eng. Mihai Dan GRIGORE


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