In the European Union member states, as well as in the EU integration candidate countries EU, the PTI performance system has been initiated and developed supervised by an institution designated by the authorities. In such system, the licensing of the stations which perform PTI is mainly performed according to technical criteria and in certain stations even according to territorial criteria (the limitation of the number of stations according to the surface and number of registered vehicles). In Romania, the periodical technical inspections are performed by the Registrul Auto Român (Romanian Automotive Register), specialized technical body of the Ministry of Transports, Infrastructure and Communications by its county representative offices or by means of the economic operators authorized and monitored by RAR. RAR authority is materialized by the use of the RAR registered trade mark by the authorized economic operators or by the authorized public institutions.

The licensing of the periodical technical inspection stations held by the legal entities shall be performed by RAR under the licensing application and the favorable result of the Technical capacity assessment report, drawn up by the certified personnel for the assessment of the compliance. The technical license shall be granted to the legal entities which hold appropriate spaces for the performance of the periodical technical inspection activity, fulfill the legal conditions regarding the necessary technical equipment and have authorized personnel for the periodical technical inspection activity.
In the case of Romania, as of 1998, under the Order of the Minister of Transport 353/1998 the first step was made for the harmonization of the national legislation with the European legislation in the field (Directive 96/96 EEC). The introduction of the harmonized legislation led to the modernization or replacement of the equipment used for the PTI, the supplementation of the professional training of the authorized technical inspectors with newly introduced legislative elements and the complex theoretical and practical testing thereof. Thus, homogenous results of the inspections performed in SPTI from the country have been obtained, comparable with the ones carried out in other European countries, allowing the coherent assessment of the status of the national car fleet.
The second stage for harmonization of the legislation in the field with that of the European Union has been initiated by the publication of Government Ordinance no. 81 of 2000 which transfer the periodical technical inspection carried out by “RAR in its representative offices and in the authorized stations” in compliance with the Order of the Minister of Transport 353/1998 upon the performance by “the legal entities in authorized periodical technical inspection stations, held by them, under the brand RAR”.
Moreover, the legislation in the field has always been correlated with the amendments which occurred in the European legislation in the field. Thus, Government Ordinance no. 81/2000 was amended and supplemented by Government Ordinance no. 40/2005 approved by Law no. 373/2005. The regulations in the field of the technical periodical inspections have also suffered supplements and amendments by the issuance of the Order of the Minister of Transports, Constructions and Tourism no.2.133/2005. Currently, the periodical technical inspection for the road vehicles certified for the transport of dangerous or perishable merchandises, for vehicles destined exclusively to the transport of gas cylinders, for the slow tank trailers destined for the transport of dangerous merchandises, for the historic vehicles, for the vehicles for sports competitions, for the road vehicles with special characteristics, including the ones subject to registration, according to the case, as well as the technical inspection for reacquiring the registration certificate shall be performed by RAR in the stations of its representative offices, in compliance with the national regulations applicable to these categories of road vehicles.
The results obtained by means of this strategy are highlighted in the evolution of the dynamics of the traffic accidents due to the technical status of the vehicles. These results have been obtained by introducing a combined system of guidance and surveillance of the activity for the performance of the PTI having the main components:
– IT surveillance by statistic processing operations;
– Technical controls in traffic;
– The direct surveillance performed with the help of 150 specialists.

The IT surveillance has been performed by means of the registration of the data regarding PTI in the computer of the PTI station using a dedicated software performed and supplied by RAR, by means of the non-permanent connection of this computer at RAR for the transmission of the data in a central data base.
The technical controls are performed with 44 motor vehicles equipped with the necessary devices and with 6 mobile laboratories which are equipped for the performance of a complete PTI. By means of the analysis of the results obtained subsequent to such reviews the improvement of the activity of the periodical technical inspection stations is intended.

The direct surveillance of the PTI stations has as main goal the guidance and control of the inspectors thereof and is performed by the travel of the supervising RAR inspectors sin the PTI stations at least once a week, the frequency of the direct checks being established according to the statistical data obtained by means of the IT surveillance.
The increase of the number of authorized PTI stations has registered a permanent development, and currently there are approximately 1000 authorized stations for PTI at a national level.
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