As it performs its activity in a field regulated both by the EU directives and by the CEE-UN Regulations, in order to improve its performances and to assess its true potential, RAR designed and implemented the Quality System according to SR ISO 9001.

Therefore, the QUALITY Department was created, having the following responsibilities:

• To participate in defining the policy in the quality field.
• To define the responsibility, authority and interdependence of the staff managing, executing, and checking the procedural activities affecting the quality.
• To prepare the Quality System manual and procedures according to the SR ISO 9001 standard.
• To implement and maintain the Quality System within RAR.
• To perform quality internal audits in order to check whether the quality related activities and the achieved results are compliant to the established regulations and to determine the Quality System efficacy.
•To report to the General Manager regarding the system operation in order to analyze and take the required measures for improving the Quality System.
• To identify the training requirements and to insure the staff training in the quality field.

Quality Assurance Department
Bucharest – 010719, district 1, Calea Griviţei no. 391 A
GPS coordinates:
44.468488, 26.051998
Contact Person:

Eng. Gianina DINCĂ
Head of Department

+4021 350.82.94
switchboard: +4021 350.82.91, +4021 350.82.89 extension 133

RAR Voluntari: +4021 350.82.94